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Sponsored by the USMC
Recap and update from that one video: We were asked to do 3 days of Marine Boot Camp, but it was ACTUAL Marine training...a little too much? Definitely got more respect for Marines now, I think they were going a little easy on us.
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Shout out to the 3 other creators that were there with me
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Oddwin - 8.16.18


  • Bruh, that shit is tough. Reason I went AF.

  • How tf did that turn into a skit😂

  • I wonder if he will do it again but he is the absoulute best youtuber

  • 3:11 i was almost choked🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • caleb look like steve rogers in captain america:the first avenger lol

  • 2:15 carrying him like I carry left over bodies

  • "Oh, this R E A L."

  • The marines are built entirely different

  • He was fr recording a girl doing squats : ll 2:06

  • I mean bootcamp like that is just brainwashing right? I'm good.

  • Tf? Bitch, I play Call of Duty for 3 days, that ain’t bootcamp, that’s pussycamp! /s

  • Not used to watching him for so long XD

  • Yikes

  • My cussen is in the marines i didnt know he trained for 12 weaks.

  • See here's the deal: challenge them to 3 days of Marine Boot Camp, sure. One of the biggest points of training is to brainwash your mindset into that of a Marine. All I can say, knowing the context, is that thank you for leaving Caleb before they hit you too hard mentally; because they will, no matter how mentally prepared you think you are. Your comedic prowess is too important in this world to be taken away from.

  • Orah! hahaha

  • You're a pussy

  • Seriously big Salute to all those who do these training and also the trainers!

  • *Forrest Gump has entered the Challenge*

  • That was so perfect.. 💙

  • I’ve finally watched every single cable city video and I DO NOT Regret it

  • Marine Corps vet here - love your videos Caleb I didn't know you did this! Glad you got a taste of what USMC bootcamp is all about. The physical exercises are easy - you get used to it. It's the mental part that's really the hardest. Much respect and keep making those funny ass videos

  • rofl... The way we always portray it is 90% metal 10% physical. Good stuff.

  • Just hearing about the tear gas already is killing my lungs so if i did that training no one would see me after 1 hour

  • I wonder if they put y'all in the gas room

  • Deadass had Caleb carrying bodies 😭

  • Imagine the SAS or Rangers

  • imagin 6months T_T

  • "Above all, never quit, never give up" Caleb: "Aight, im head out"

  • Pussy 😆

  • i almost pissed myself laughing at 4:33 , LOOK AT HIS FACE! HE LOOKS HIGH!

  • I love your skits and you were funny after I saw you can’t handle three days of marines training and it’s not even legit what real recruits face, you had the way easier experience. You loss my respect forever and won’t ever watch your videos, not to mention how everyone in your group did it but not you really!!

  • It looks like you handled that has pretty well lol

  • Right now I'm reading "can't hurt me" by David Googins..and yo, they really call it "Hell week" or something... But that shit is hardcore Cuh... I'm like nah, army yeah, marine Corps nah...

  • Ok stand up right now. Ok sit down right now.. i hated that

  • The skit transitionn genius immaculate beautiful gold on point

  • My man's looked looked like he was gonna cry for just a second

  • EAS AUG 06 2021 💪🏽✊🏽

  • looool

  • Idgaf this nigga the besttttt

  • Bruh. You're never ready mentally. You just go through it and adjust.

  • Lol there's always a plot twist no matter what kinda video it was

  • Oh my sweet lord that was funny props for at least going there bro.

  • My dad was a marine and navy or just navy and that’s where my dad met my mom on a navy ship and my mom was a coast guard and navy or just navy

  • Shits no joke. That’s cool you got to experience that though, what prompted it? Served from 2012-2017, Simper Fi

  • The only Caleb vid with less than a million views

  • Caleb you sissy 😂

  • What's with the cameraman?

  • 2:07 The camera guy knows what's good.

  • disappointed. i stumbled upon the video and was like yooo its caleb city and day 2 you was gone lol i was like why they not showing my boy this shit racist lol

  • You went there for 1 day? Aw

  • As a marine myself, this shit was hilarious lmao Love seeing stuff like this, glad you had a good(?) time

  • Devil pups is harsh try that

  • I still love you

  • F XD jajajajaja

  • I remember when I didn’t know about you and I was watching the video on challenge accepted and when I learned about you I was like “is that Caleb?”

  • Awee, look at my mans in a uniform.. go ahead Caleb. 😍

  • About a week into it you pretty much think to yourself "ok this was a mistake. I need to escape in the swamp."

  • Had I mentally prepared but not physically nice caleb


  • This why I fuck wit you 😂🔥💯

  • Appreciate your support, brother!

  • It's all about mental strength I promise you

  • I went to actual basic training lmao I went to 13 weeks of that shit

  • "I will quit tomorrow." I kept telling myself that until I graduated. And that was just Navy basic training.

  • Dude, you missed out, basic is the fun part, joining up is the boring part

  • “You gotta like...walk in lines”

  • “I’m used to getting screamed at” yeah? By yourself?

  • 1:18 - everyone sitting with head forwards caleb - gotta look where you gonna sit He's the only one who would survive attack of the parasitic ass monsters

  • people coughing, dribblin, mans comes out and shakes his head twice. Look like you was coming down off munchies and lookin to eat

  • "I'm used to getting yelled at"

  • Nah fuck this. Treating people like shit and you salute them? nah fuck that.

  • Im going to bootcamp in 5 days :)

  • I have to do it for 3 months some time

  • Fr though, you quitting on the first day because "this isn't what I thought it was". That's what literally everyone thinks

  • Oh man. Veteran Marine here, just discovered your channel. You're funny af bro, would make a killer DI

  • It's funny cuz every other youtuber there is a physical one, then they invited a comedian.

  • Sponsored by the Marine Corps!!?

  • When you are physically and mentally strong but then you realize how much bullshit happens in the military...

  • Hopefully one day you will grasp the notion of self respect.

  • Pussy

    • he is right he is? the fuck are you saying?

    • fuck u

  • My grandpa was a marine

  • You’re a pussy

  • I don’t need training just give me a gun with bullets and I can handle anyone

  • Imagine if this was just a ploy to get more recruits. these fools fell for it.

  • F

  • 0:18. Weird.

  • "Yeeaa all dat" 😂

  • You can't mentally prepare for Marine Corps Bootcamp cause there's nothing you've been through or seen in your life that will combine together to simulate the variety of things thrown at you during Bootcamp. Back in 84 at the age of 17, I envisioned what It would be like and look like and everything I envisioned was wrong. The only thing I did was I made sure I was in great shape, that I could pass the PT test no problem. I also made sure I could pass Swim qualification. That's the best advantage you can give yourself. Make sure you're physically fit and make sure you can Swim.

  • Hiii

  • Yes. Challenge failed

  • Lol bro .. it gets easier haha

  • Hahaha!! First time? Lmao yo appreciate this video.


  • Is that angry cop?

  • Did you see how easy it looked when caleb just lifted that guy and just walked away like it was nothing

  • Caleb my dad is a marine have you met him?

    • Domino Cant Draw there is hundreds of thousands of marines probably not

  • USMC: social experiment, sending youtubers to war


  • My dream is to be a marine, and I do CrossFit and four sports all year round right now 😃😁😂👍🏻